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About Workinlot

In 2016, we came together for a dream and laid the foundations of Workinlot. As we got to know the entrepreneurs better, our dream expanded with them. And Workinlot became a startup that helps startups start up.

We knew that startups needed corporations, in other words to find customers, in order to test and develop their products and services. Since the beginning of 2019, we executed entrepreneurship programs throughout Turkey enabling us to recognize hundreds of projects in the startup ecosystem. In order to create the institutional support system needed by these projects, we had to know corporations and their needs. After countless hours of discussions with corporations, we had a full understanding of their requirements.

Today, with its array of services, Workinlot is an open innovation platform that enables corporations to source their requirement from the startup and technology ecosystems, in accordance with their digitalization and open innovation strategies.

We continue to listen to corporations and startups, speak both their languages fluently, and serve as the most effective bridge between corporations and startups.

Workinlot Team

We are a team which has put in many hours and signed off many large projects in both corporate and startup environments. We thoroughly know and understand both sides of the equation.

 Atilla - Chief Dreamer
Business Development Open Innovation Program Design Venture Building
Didem - Chief of Staff
Coordination Strategy Project Management
Baran - Chief Producer
Product Management Business Design Service Design
Deniz - Chief of Intelligence
Insights & Scouting Research Design Research Management
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