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Hello, it's very easy to register your project/startup with Workinlot. There are some questions below. Answering them all will take max 10 minutes of your time. There is no option to save the form and return later, therefore we need you to answer all the questions in one go. Now please scroll down to see them for your self and come back here to start, we will wait.

Back? Fantastic. Now if you are ready, let's start with YOUR contact information.


Please provide the e-mail in your startup's domain if possible.

A mobile number we can reach you at?

Could you please share your personal social media / portfolio account links which showcase your relevant knowledge and experience?


We want to be able to fully understand your project or startup and explain it to corporations and investors which may want to collaborate.

The project call you are applying to

Name of your Project/Startup?

Can you please briefly explain your Project/Startup?
Please make sure we fully understand your products and services.

Can you please provide the url of your Project/Startup if available?
If none, please enter another url we can use to extract information or just write none.

Could you please provide social media accounts of your Project/Startup if available?

Which industries is your Project/Startup most related to?
Please select maximum 3 industries.

Which technologies is your Project/Startup most related to?
Please select maximum 3 technologies.

What is your business model? (You can select multiple models.)

In which geographies do you offer your products/services?
Please select maximum of 3 areas.

How do you deliver your products/services to your users or customers?
Please select the one which applies most to you.

In which stage is your Project/Startup currently?

Could you please share some detail information about the stage your Project/Startup is in?

Please provide examples of your references and customer / collaboration engagements you participated in with corporations.

Did you receive any investment (excluding grants or prizes) with your project / startup?

What kind ot customer/collaboration engagement do you foresee with corporations during Workinlot programs?
Please explain the work you want to perform with corporations in a short and concise manner.



Position / Responsibility



Time committment to the Project/Startup

Thank you very much. We received all the information we need about your Project/Startup. Please click the button below so the we can save your registration.


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