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Workinlot is a technological solution platform and an open innovation accelerator focused on making corporate / startup engagements more frequent, faster and more effective. Workinlot supports open innovation and corporate / startup engagement initiatives by offering services ranging from strategy development to facilitating agreements.

trateji Geliştirme

Strategy Development

We support organizations to develop a sustainable strategy and roadmap through benchmarking studies, trend analysis and ecosystem insights.
Keşif & Değerlendirme

Scouting & Evaluation

Using our scouting network and technology infrastructures, we find and evaluate the best suitable technology solutions to the open innovation strategy.
Girişim Hızlandırma


In order to increase the efficiency of corporate / startup engagements, we mentor the tartups 1-1 on their value propositions and business model.
Tanıtım & Sunum

Demo & Presentation

We organize public or in-house demo days and meetings to effectively evaluate the applicability and reliability of proposed solutions.

How we work


Kurumsal Programlar

Corporate Programs

For corporations that want to create an active brand benefiting from the entrepreneurship and technology ecosystems, we develop corporate open innovation programs aligned with the strategic priorities of the corporation. Our corporate open innovation programs, enable different business units to interact actively with entrepreneurs and help spread the entrepreneurship culture within the institution. We identify the innovation needs of the corporation and analyze technology providers that can provide reliable solutions. Once the correct technology provider has been determined, we accelerate the solution provider on value propositions and then bring them together with applicable business units via in-house or public demo days.


Kurumsal Programlar

Workinlot HD

For corporations that require continuous engagement with technology providers, our continuous work offer is a fast, lean and effective solution providing the needed depth and flexibility throughout the year. Continuous work model, allows the corporation to evaluate the solution providers year long, adjust new innovation needs and expand focus areas via interim evaluations. Year long flexibility, increases efficiency of the innovation potential and help establish a wider pool of solution providers, creating a sustainable link with the entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem.

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