More and more corporation adopt open innovation for an effective method of catching up with and leading technology based transformations while startups are constantly bending technologies to develop new and innovative solutions to shape the future.

Workinlot is a technology solutions aggregator and open innovation accelerator focusing exclusively on making corporate-startups interactions more frequent, fast and effective.

What can Workinlot do for you

Workinlot Advisory Services

  • › You are developing an open innovation strategy and action plan
  • › You are benchmarking corporate-startups interactions
  • › You are researching the ecosystem to understand potential gains

In-Company Innovation Days

  • › You want to introduce corporate-startup interactions in your company
  • › You want to secure buy-in from business units for open innovation
  • › You want to inspire your collegues with startup culture & solutions

Workinlot Programs

  • › You want to throughly scan and understand a technology vertical
  • › You want to limit the financial and operational burdens of a startup program
  • › You want to maximize networking synergies and benefits

Corporate Pre-Acceleration

  • › You are building an active brand in startup and technology ecosystems
  • › Your open innovation strategy requires both in company events and technology scouting
  • › You have multiple verticals and focus areas to scan and operate in

Workinlot HD

  • › You require depth and flexibility in your startup scouting activities
  • › You prefer a continuous service over time-bound program
  • › You are 100% commercial minded about you open innovation efforts

From strategyzing all the way to deal making



Workinlot helps corporations develop a successful and sustainable open innovation strategy and roadmap via corporate strategy alignment, benchmarks studies, trend analysis and ecosystem insights.

Keşif & Değerlendirme

Scouting & Evaluation

Workinlot scouts and evaluates technology solutions that are best suited with the open innovation strategy using its scouting network and technology infrastructures.

Startup Acceleration

Startup Acceleration

Workinlot provides 1-1 mentoring to the startups regarding their value proposition and business model in order to improve the efficiency of the corporate-startup interactions.

Demo / Presentation

Demo / Presentation

Workinlot organizes public and in-company startup demodays and meetings which significantly reduce the effort and time required to effectively assess solutions' applicability and credibility.

Deal Facilitation

Deal Facilitation

Workinlot acts as a mediator, facilitator and project manager to quickly shape the corporate-startup interaction until the relationship is crowned by a commercial agreement..

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